Small and medium-sized businesses’ websites, social media apps, web adverts and online shops generate a staggering amount of analytics data. Many users don’t know it’s there and those that do are confronted by a maze of confusing screens, terms and reports that are hard to understand. They might as well be in Swahili!!

comms4 extracts this data from all your web and mobile applications, turns it into meaningful information and gives you an easily understandable integrated report.


  • Websites
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Online Shops

You will see which of your digital marketing channels are most effective and which ones aren’t working. We then develop a plan for boosting your marketing efforts by driving successful channels harder; opening new ones if needed; improving those that aren’t performing and even discarding those that aren’t worth the time and effort.

comms4 will streamline and consolidate all your data sources into efficient reports, so you can market yourself effectively, attract new business and increase your revenues.

Further, if you want to know your true marketing and sales costs, comms4 will take your analytics report and integrate it with your financial accounting software data. You can then match your marketing results with business performance across different profit centres, customers, jobs and so on.

We can develop custom one-click financial management reports that give you a snapshot of how your customer-base is growing; how your revenues are changing and how your cashflow is moving.

If you have an online shop you need your inventory properly indexed and aligned with both your product profiles and your accounting software. Integrating this with comms4 analytics reports allows you to match web and social media visitor statistics with your sales.

comms4 indexes, organises and streamlines eCommerce platform data for automated integration with quality sales management and financial reporting. So, if you’re thinking of setting up an online shop, do it properly and contact comms4!


  • eCommerce
  • Inventory Indexing
  • Customer Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Cost Analyses
  • Profit Centres

We can install, configure and populate it so it dovetails smoothly with your existing website and financial accounting software to give you the marketing edge you need to grow.